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10 Most Popular Stag Do Destinations in Europe

It should not come to you as a surprise that Europe hosts the world’s most intriguing parties. The old continent has been setting standards and maintaining the party euphoria ever since clubbing became a worldwide phenomenon. One could ask himself if there really is a more suitable place in the world to set up the craziest possible bachelor party. The answer, well it would probably be no. We will show you ten destinations where stag do possibilities are really limitless:

Budapest – Hungary


There are countless reasons to make Budapest your bachelor paradise. On one hand, Buda part of the city has a reputation for being a little more tamed than Pest. Pest, on the other hand, has a reputation for unforgettable bustling nightlife. Combined, they create a place where your bachelor crew can feel both warming hospitality of Europe and enjoy hardcore late-night parties. The best way to put it, if you are looking for laid-back girls, quality drinks, and top-notch nightclubs – then you should probably look no further.

With a wide variety of cultural entertainment and low price tags, tourism in Budapest is moving two steps forward compared to its neighbors. So cure your hangover in world’s best known thermal baths and then step back into inner city bustle. There is no mistake when choosing Budapest as your stag do destination so get cracking!

Riga – Latvia


Hailed as the bastion of Baltic party fever, the Latvian capital climbs letter as number one hotspot for stag crews. In very affordable fashion, Riga offers possibilities for everyone who seeks just as much fun as he might expect from any European party capital. For just little more than a few hundred British pounds, you can set up an unforgettable party for your best men.

The city center is stacked with vibrant nightclubs designed in both Post Soviet style and modern electro avantgarde. So many things can happen during clubbing in Riga, there is a saying hovering in the air: “No one has to know about it”. Cheap drinks and accommodation, tasteful cuisine, stunningly beautiful women, and limitless party possibilities are everything your stag crew can hope for a perfect getaway.

Prague – the Czech Republic


Marked as number one bachelor hotspot for anyone who expects limitless fun, Prague is a place where everyone drinks beer more often than water. Its world-renown architectural heritage seamlessly hides the sinful nature of Prague’s nightlife. The beer capital of the world also houses the second largest Red Light District where you can fulfill your wildest desires.

So many incredible things can happen under Czech sky, which is why many believe these stories are nothing more than a fairytale. Feel that Bohemian spirit grip as you and your entourage sail the Vltava river and absorb the stunning architectural surroundings. With more than affordable prices combined with lavish nightlife possibilities, this destination can really be your number one option for an unforgettable bachelor holiday.

Hamburg – Germany


Hamburg is holding on to its title as one of the hottest European Bachelor destinations for decades. And the reasons are more than clear. Hamburg hosts some of Europe’s most luxurious parties with classy open-minded girls that will make your stay an impressive one. The Hanseatic port is a little bit more expensive than Prague and a bit more affordable than Amsterdam so it all balances out.

The strong presence of distinct German hospitality can be felt with every step you take. Largest harbor in Germany docks countless party boats with events that can last even for a couple of days. Inner city circles provide you with an opportunity to witness Reeperbahn – Europe’s longest party street that houses the popular Red light district. If you look closely and behind every corner, there are countless ways to lose yourself in Hamburg’s charms.

Amsterdam – the Netherlands


This is the place that pops in everyone’s minds when asked to think about cannabis, entertainment, and sex. Alphabetical order is not the reason why Amsterdam is at the top of nearly everyone’s bucket list. Legendary bachelor parties that take place in world’s first and best known Red light district kick-started the trend in every other city of Europe.

The picturesque architecture that perfectly aligned itself with “Cafe” culture can be everything one can hope to experience during the day. But when the sun sets, and darkness start falling through canals of Netherlands capital, that’s when the party vibe really kicks in. Your wildest imaginations will finally come true as you witness last nights of “freedom” with your pals. The most DJs per capita in the world must truly be the reason why Amsterdam’s nightlife has it all. Along with the famous phrase that tops the famous Rembrandtplein: “What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam”.

Bratislava – Slovakia

We can think of no better place that offers the best value for your money. What Bratislava lacks in size, it makes up in ever-growing opportunities. This place can be a perfect mixture of European coziness and Slavic hospitality. With cheapest drink prices in EU and some of Europe’s fastest growing club scene, it’s no wonder everyone calls this place Partyslava. Pubs are also a thing to consider visiting during your Bachelor voyage since so many people enter one of them and don’t leave till next day!

Due to its compact city size, your bachelor craze can take place in many different places in just one night. Not to mention its amazing geographical location makes it very easy to reach other famous European cities. Pay a visit with your stag crew to Slovakian capital and you will understand why so many bachelors picked Bratislava over other European party capitals.

Barcelona – Spain

Not the cheapest option for your stag party, but definitely the most exotic! With an overwhelming amount of possibilities to spend the craziest possible nights on the Spanish coast, you will definitely get a bang for your buck. There is a huge variety of bars, pubs, and clubs: From cozy traditional Spanish bars to some of Europe’s most luxurious nightclubs.

And the city’s urban splendor will amaze you like no other! The city is famously divided into perfectly shaped districts. Each one of them offers a different style of entertainment. From never ending techno parties to relaxing jazz sessions, there is something for everyone’s taste. The only problem you can encounter is that there won’t be enough time for all the attractions. Due to the cosmopolitan nature of the city, Spanish girls shine the most. Hold onto that Barca vibe and enjoy the best bachelor party money can pay!

Krakow – Poland


Poland’s majestic southern metropolis never stopped to amaze us. For so many years, this place hid from the tourist maps as a hip bachelor destination, but no more! Too many reasons mark this city as one of Eastern Europe’s most favorite party spot. One of them is very affordable prices for accommodation services. And with best drink prices combined with a fiery nightclub atmosphere, Krakow keeps the party burning until dawn.

Polish people are known as “Party animals” who never stop the fun until the sun sets – and then some! The fact that this city has more pubs and clubs per square meter then any other city in the world can guarantee that. A being a home to more than two million works of art and breathtaking unique architecture, Krakow proudly holds the title of “Rome of the North”. If you plan to pay less and enjoy just as many opportunities that any major European city has to offer, then Krakow might be the perfect place for you!

Berlin – Germany


It might come as surprise to you that Berlin is cheaper than most other major German cities. In comparison to rich and fresh Hamburg, Berlin boasts a special mixture of modern European lifestyle and scars from the past. The techno music capital of Europe is home to some of the most eccentric nightclubs of the world that will leave anyone speechless. This city comes as a perfect option for all stag crews who enjoy liberal views and like to have fun in the most unexpected ways.

Unlike many other central European cities, Berlin has a large English speaking population. Everyone swears that the strip club scene in this city is out of this world! Also, don’t forget to enjoy as much of that legendary German beer as you can because pubs will literally follow you everywhere you go. After the Wall fell, the party never stopped. No bachelor crew ever returned from Berlin without a genuine smile and tales of culture shock.

Tallinn – Estonia


With a huge disproportion of female to male population ratio and an unbelievable variety of things to enjoy, the Estonian capital might be a perfect place for your bachelor getaway. If all easy-going beautiful girls and cheap beer prices are not enough to fulfill your expectations, then Tallinn nightclub scene might compensate. From Red carpets to smokey jazz bars, Tallinn has it all. There are famous parties taking place in huge abandoned Soviet-era buildings that will leave you with a unique feeling of satisfaction. Everyone is smiling under Estonian sky and no bachelor crew leaves unsatisfied. When you lose your mind inside famous Tallinn party Bermuda triangle, you can only hope that the party will never stop.

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