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10 Things to Do to Motivate Yourself When You are Down

Today, we live in a world where every other problem is a status update and the major problems are hidden behind emoticons. Unwillingly, we all are a part of the race which shows only the happy side of our life. No one talks of the times when you are completely down when each passing day feels like a burden on your shoulders. But believe it or not, we all have it. No matter what is there on the Facebook timeline, you know what your real emotions are and you have to learn how to get back up again, every time you fall down.

Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, a motivational speaker from Kolkata gives out top 10 quick things which can be done to motivate yourself when you are down:

1.Put your mind to work – Some days, you just wake up refreshed while on others, you hardly feel like going to work. The best way to deal with this is by doing the work. Even though there is no motivation, just begin. Beginning is the toughest part and then you’ll see the work will automatically seem easier.
Put your mind to work
2.Take baby steps – If the thought of work is making you feel stressed, don’t overlook it. Rather, begin will baby steps. Do a little at once and get the hang of the work. The moment you realize that you can finish a big task by taking small parts at once, you’re halfway through success.
Take baby steps
3.Spend time with the positive people of your life – What’s the difference between someone who shows you the road covered with flowers in autumn and someone who points out the dead branches? The difference of outlook! And you need more of the people around you who can take the best out of small things and enjoy. Listening to them will instill a sense of joy and comfort in you, which is very rejuvenating.
Spend time with the positive people of your life
4.Listen to songs – Music has the enchanting capability of instantly taking you back to the old memories. Listen to your favorite songs, from the time when you were genuinely happy. Let yourself go with the flow and soak in the simple motivation the chords of guitar and the notes of piano can give.
Listen to songs
5.Be kind to yourself – You’re hurting. You’re suffering. But do you know who has got your back? YOU, and you ought to be kind to yourself. There are going to be many moments in life when you feel completely helpless, just like you’re feeling now, and so you’ll have to be strong enough to carry yourself. Just stop blaming your acts for everything that went wrong and feel glad that you have survived it all, alone. Appreciate yourself for all the way you’ve come and be a little more generous towards yourself.

6.Be grateful – Whenever you feel down, ask yourself one question: “What are you grateful about?” You will instantly think of the things that you have but many others may not have it. Always, always remember those things that you have better than others and be grateful for those. Next, promise yourself that you’ll keep working for keeping these things at your own strength. Motivate yourself, acknowledge your activities and start afresh.
Be grateful
7.Do a little cleaning – To have a clear thought process, it is important to have a clean workspace as well. If you are feeling down and unwilling to do any work, simply put on your headphones and get onto a little cleaning. Declutter your workstation and this will help you in two ways. Firstly, you will get some time to rest and do the thinking. Secondly, you will be able to start afresh in a more organized way.

8.Take small breaks – Never plan onto finishing a big project all at once. Breaks are important and they give you time to regain your focus and attention. Make sure to work for 2-3 hours and take a 15 minutes break. Take a walk, having some snacks, talk to friends or simply contemplate your work silently.

9.Exercise – Even if you are fit and healthy, make exercising a part of your daily routine. Working-out for 25-30 minutes on a daily basis helps in releasing stress and inner tension. After that, you will automatically start feeling more focused.
Pilates exercise
10.Never lose touch with nature – Whenever you feel very low, listen to the winds blowing by or the sound of seawater. If you’re far from the hills and beaches, stroll in the local park or go to your terrace and have a peaceful one-to-one conversation with yourself. You never know how much self-consultancy can help you in the long run.

With these small things, you will definitely be able to gather yourself, whenever you’re down and get back to life with the same old grace and enthusiasm.

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