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10 Tips for Creating The Perfect Home Office

As an app developer, working from home sounds like a dream came true. You can ditch the formal outfit and wear your pyjama when programming. Working from home can solve multiple problems, and the greatest advantage is that you have the freedom to design your own office. Conventional offices are not very useful when it comes to web developing because they restrict the way you position your equipment and the aesthetics of the space. You need to be creative during the process because your office has a vital role in boosting your creativity levels.

Studies show that the web developers who are working from home have better results than the ones who are working on site because they are not exposed to office distractions. However, in order to make your office a functional space, it is important to carefully plan its creation. Here is a list of life hacks all workers from home should know when they are planning to build their office.

Set up your office room

Your home office is more than a room where you install the devices, you need to create web apps, it is a mix of the overall aesthetics, lighting ,and colours.

  • You need natural light

You need natural light
When you step into the room you need to feel comfortable to start your work and the best way to make a space feel comfortable is to allow natural light to enter the space. A study shows that the workers, who have natural light, work better than the ones who have their offices in dark spots. When positioning the desk and chair in the office, it is important to install them in natural light.

  • Ambient lights are needed for the moments when you will work during nighttime

When working from home you can change your schedule and instead of working from 9 to 17 you may find more productive to work when the sun sets. In this situation, you will need to install ambient lights. Different people have different working habits and you will have to understand your patterns and adapt the space accordingly. Do not forget to place a floor or desk lamp near your workplace it will help you make the space warmer.

  • All your desktops should have f.lux installed

All your desktops should have f.lux installed
When developing systems, you are spending long hours at your desktop and in the majority of cases, your eyes are the first ones that start feeling tired. Computer screens come with a dominant blue light similar to the natural sunlight. In the morning, you will feel welcoming to find your screen featuring this light. But as the sun will fade, the light emitted by your screen will cause you eye strain and you will start experiencing stress and discomfort. F.lux is an app that will change the colour of the screen according to the time of the day when you are working. The screen will be cold in the morning and warm in the evening.

The change in the light will support your circadian rhythms and will help your eyes stay healthy.

  • Make the office feel like a personal space

The greatest advantage you have when working from home is that you can customise the office according to your preferences and interests. You need the space to feel inviting to convince you to spend multiple hours working on the systems you are developing. Your space will influence your productivity levels and if you create it in a welcoming way, you will find more pleasant to work at your desk.

  • The colours of the office can affect your productivity

When you choose the colours for your walls and furniture, you should follow the rules of colour psychology and opt for shades like red, orange and yellow. You should not use dark colours because they are dull and they lower your energy levels.

  • Invest in the right equipment

Once you have painted the walls of the office and you have decided what colour scheme you want to use for your furniture, you should start looking for equipment.

  • You need a comfortable chair

Considering that, you will sit for more than 8 hours a day you will need a comfortable chair to maintain your productivity levels at their highest peak. It can be challenging to find the perfect chair, because the good ones come at pricey fees. You should test out the chair in-person to make sure that it offers you the needed arm, thigh, and back support.

  • You need two monitors

You need two monitors
When developing a system or testing it, you will find useful to have two screens. Professional programmers state that their second monitor is their superpower because it makes all the tasks easier, coding, designing, writing, regression testing, and researching. You count on multi-tasking when you create and test apps, therefore, you will use multiple windows, and a second monitor can help you stay organised. It is advisable to buy the same model for both monitors because they will offer you the same experience and fidelity.

  • A standing desk will change your life

Lately, more and more studies had as subject the fact that it is better for your health to stand at the desk. A new generation of desks offer you the possibility to change their position and to spend part of your day working while standing. They are more expensive than the standard desks but they totally worth the investment considering that you will feel better at the end of the day.

You can adjust their height to stand or sit according to the activity you are doing and to your height.

  • Check ergonomic rules

When you are sitting at your desk for countless hours, you are damaging your health. You can minimise the damage if you check some ergonomic rules when creating the space. When you install the desk, you need to make sure that your arms are parallel to the floor and your neck and back stay straight.

  • Bring nature inside

Bring nature inside
Finally, yet importantly, you should bring inside some green plants to cheer up the space and to improve the quality of the air. Plants have the power to increase your productivity by around 20%; therefore, you should create a green area where you mix different types of plants. A Boston fern, a dracaena, a spider plant, and a cactus are perfect for the beginning.

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