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Store Your Classic Car


3 Best Ways to Store Your Classic Car


Keep your classic car looking great and protected from the elements. Whether you live in a hot, humid climate or face chilling winter days, there’s lots of ways the weather can work against you and damage your beautiful classic car. From a custom sunshade for car to a heated, indoor space, find out how you can protect your car with these three strategies.

Store Indoors

After spending countless hours restoring your classic car, or investing heavily in a fully restored one, don’t let it sit outside in the rain, hot sun or snow. Your rubber, vinyl and exterior paint can begin to fade in the direct sunlight, so make room in your garage for your favourite classic car.
Store Indoors
When you’re on the road to a car show, this may not be an option. Unfortunately, you can’t take your manicured garage with you everywhere you go. For protection when you’re away from home, find out how you can use custom outdoor car covers to keep your baby in tip-top shape. An outdoor cover isn’t a replacement for a garage, but it can offer you additional protection when you’re stuck in a situation where you can’t park your ride in a clean, secure indoor storage area.

Choose a Warm, Stable Temperature

If it feels like your region’s temperature changes dramatically from day to day or hour to hour, consider investing in heated storage space. Whether you insulate your garage and install heating and air conditioning or invest in a storage space for your ride, a stable temperature prevents cracking, chipping and other weathering issues that arise from temperature swings and extreme temperatures.

For most classic cars, 50 degrees Fahrenheit is a good set point. This temperature protects your car from overheating, freezing and any other temperature-related damage. It’s also a comfortable working temperature if you need to tune-up your engine or wax that pristine paint job.

Find a Custom Car Cover

Find a Custom Car Cover
Perhaps the best investment you can make to protect your classic car is a car cover. Select a cover that is custom-made for your particular make and model of classic car for a perfect fit. Otherwise, you could stretch out your coverage or choose a cover that’s too small to protect your entire vehicle. A custom-fit car cover won’t stretch out or tear and is easy to slide over your car.

Custom covers can be used in both indoor and outdoor storage situations. Indoor car covers are lightweight and breathable. They protect your classic car from dust that may naturally settle. It’s particularly useful if your storage garage also doubles as a workshop. There’s nothing worse than splashing a little oil or antifreeze on your spotless classic car.

The best outdoor car covers keep your classic car looking fresh and new wherever you go. These durable covers can provide some weather resistance, although they typically aren’t recommended for heavy rains. An outdoor cover is still breathable, but has a thicker exterior made with water-repelling and UV-protecting fabric. Once you’ve found your perfect storage space, shop for indoor and outdoor custom car covers and keep your classic car looking timeless, starting today.

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