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5 Things You Need to Know Before You Renovate


Each home project renovation brings with it unique twists and turns that can throw you off your target. Even if you have some home renovation experience, you have to be on the lookout for new things and innovative technologies that can make things easier for you. Keep your head down to learn all you can because there is a lot. Before you get started, here are 5 general things you need to know/do before you renovate:

1. Invest a reasonable amount in a key lockbox

Invest a reasonable amount in a key lockbox

This step is particularly important if you are renovating before you move into the house. If you have at least two weeks before you move in, invest a pretty sum on a key lockbox. Lockboxes become more important when you have a large renovation project that needs the services of contractors. You don’t need to drive in every time to make the place accessible. Save yourself the stress and trouble of having to open the doors for renovation to take place.

2. Spend quality time in the project

If you leave the job entirely to contractors you might not get exactly what you want. You need to find time to visit and monitor the progress of the job so you can make valuable individualistic inputs to the project. Everyone will have a different choice when it comes to choosing paints colours, light fixtures and upholstery.

What colour and kind of carpet will you choose?

What paint colour will suit the walls?

Sometimes the answers to these types of questions depend on other aspects of the renovation. When it comes to choosing palette don’t fall for any flashy thing you see until you have spent time in the property.

If you spend time on the property you will save yourself needless back to the drawing board moments.

Spend quality time in the project

3. Timeline

To avoid frustrations, be realistic about the time it will take to complete renovations. Make accommodations by trying to be as flexible as possible with your timeframe. Sometimes there are fittings within the house that you thought would be easy to remove or get replaced. You may be dead wrong about the timeframe for this so try as much as possible to be flexible with your approach. Have you estimated the time it would take for new replacement fittings to arrive? What about how long it would take to fix them in? If you are more realistic about your timeline you will save yourself the stress of having to adjust your timeline later on.

4. Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected or better put, prepare for the worst-case scenario. The best way to prepare for the unexpected is to budget extra for unforeseen circumstances. Almost all homes hold some form of secret in the walls or under the floors that aren’t apparent at first but as renovations take place they begin to reveal themselves. If for example there is unevenness in the floor, the problem can be traced to a floor joist shift. Home inspectors are humans and are prone to mistakes, so expect the unexpected when renovations begin.

5. Interview multiple contractors

Interview multiple contractors

A lot of people fall into the mistake of using the same contractors over and over again without looking at the opinions of other contractors. Use the competition to your advantage by interviewing multiple contractors for the job. There is no crime in looking for the best deals without compromising on quality. It really pays to do the needed homework of reviewing the prices and work ethics from different contractors before making a decision.

You might even be surprised at the varying work expertise of different contractors. That been said, the expertise of this home extension builder in Gold Coast, Qld is second to none.

On that note

Read these tips over and over again on what you need to know before you renovate your home. Let them sink into your consciousness because they will save you time, help you spend less and enable you to hire the best contractor for the job.

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