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5 Tips To Keep Your Business Premises Secure


This is troubling times. The security should be a priority and with break-ins on the rise all over the UK, perhaps it is time to review your commercial security. There is always something you can do to improve security in a commercial venue and with that in mind, here are a few ways to boost your security at your place of business.

1. Video Surveillance

Many UK business owners have invested in a multi-camera CCTV system that allows them to view the perimeters of their premises, even from a remote location if you have an Internet connection. Imagine being able to take a look at your factory while holidaying in a tropical paradise? This is possible when you use the special smartphone app that allows you to connect to the network, while many thieves are put off by the sight of video cameras.

2. Install An Electric Gate

There are specialist companies that design and carry out the installation of electric entrance gates and they can easily be found with a Google search. The supplier would wish to visit your business premises, where he can evaluate the site and your needs, before coming up with a few design options. The list of accessories is endless, with vehicle sensors that automatically open the gates, or an optional side door for pedestrians and intercom options, and the supplier would design the gates to suit your needs.


3. Keypad Access

Rather than having many sets of keys, why not simply install a digital access control system, which will allow authorised people access, either with a password or a swipe card, both of which are effective. You could even go biometric and have employees scan their fingerprint to enter, which really is a time-saver. If you run a large facility, you can create permissions for certain staff members, allowing you to control who goes where, and any commercial security provider would be able to quote for digital access control systems.

4. Manned Security

This is the ultimate and for many large businesses, having round the clock security is essential, which would be provided by a local security firm. Some smaller companies hire a security firm to make several visits during the night at random times, which is a deterrent in itself.

5. Security Alarms

There are state-of-the-art security system providers who can tailor the system to suit your business, and it is possible to create zones that are timed to activate at specific times, plus you have the system to inform the local police when a breach is detected.


It is critical that you do have adequate security measures in place at your commercial premises, and whether you need to install gating or video surveillance, Google can quickly put you in touch with a local supplier. If you are unsure whether or not your existing security is adequate, talk to a local security firm, who would be happy to evaluate and make some suggestions.

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