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7 Unusual Tips To Stay Fit


Exercising daily, eating a healthy meal, and a night of good sleep are the key essentials to staying fit. This is pretty obvious and known to all. But, even though we keep up with these essential tasks, we do fall sick. Are we doing something wrong? Probably, there’s something missing. There is much more to staying healthy than just eating, exercising, and sleeping.
Has anybody ever told you that you need to do something precisely to stay fit? Well, there are a few things that you should never avoid if you wish to stay healthy. The tips listed in this article are known to all but implemented by a few.

1. Take Care Of Your Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene
Your mouth is home to thousands of microorganisms. Some are helpful, some cause a little trouble, and a few are deadly. You should look into your oral health very often. Not just to keep away dental problems. Your mouth is the one-way entry to your body, and most easily accessible. Maintaining good oral hygiene can ensure that you don’t get sick because of any bacteria or parasitic organism living in your mouth.

2. Get Vaccinated

You must have been vaccinated several times in your life. Vaccines are essentially the cultured pathogens that induce your immune system and strengthen it. In order to be able to defend your body against infections, vaccines are an important tool. You must have suffered a mild fever after getting vaccinated. This mild fever is a symptom that your immune system is evolving and fighting against the pathogens.

3. Keep Your Microbiome Healthy

Microbiome Healthy
Do you know that there are trillions of microbial species that live inside your body? These microbiomes are present in every part of the body. Some of these organisms are neither harmful nor beneficial, but most of them maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with their host. There is this helpful post that enlists the importance of these microbes in the human body. Taking good care of the microbiome in your body can seriously alter your chances to fall sick.

4. Cook Yourself A Healthy Treat

This is not the part where I tell you to take a healthy meal. A meal is only healthy as long as it is cooked properly. Wash your food thoroughly, clean and treat the cookware with anti-pathogenic agents, wear proper clothing and cover the food while cooking, and please don’t burn your food. Over-cooking destroys the crucial nutrients that your healthy food is supposed to supply you with. Try cooking your food at lower temperatures with continuously stirring and flipping your food.

5. Season Your Meal With Herbs

There are numerous herbs and shrubs that can help keep up with good health. You probably would know a few. Usually, herbs are used as a seasoning and we consume them just for the sake of taste. But herbs are actually more than just taste enhancers. Herbs like ginger, mint, turmeric, oregano, and parsley are some of the common herbs that can help fight against infectious pathogens and improve immunity.

6. Walk Or Ride To Work. Don’t Drive!

Walk Or Ride To Work
Rather than driving your car to work, you should either take a walk or ride your bike. This would keep you healthy without having to take time out for a necessary workout. The amount of work it takes to ride or walk is more than sufficient to fulfill the daily workout requirements that you need. Burn the calories and excrete the toxins while you are doing your daily chores.

7. Abstain From Food Once In A While

Have you ever tried fasting for a day or two in a while? Abstaining from food can help your body get rid of the wastes and toxins accumulated in your body. Moreover, it helps keep your body in shape. Fasting helps improve metabolism and evolve the immune system against common infections. The body fat is burned, thus reducing the risk of obesity. It also helps with regulating cardiovascular functions like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol in the body. To start with, you can begin with taking an organic diet in the beginning and slowly shifting to abstaining from food for a whole day.

As uncommon and unusual as these tips may sound, the benefits that these simple habits can do to your body are tremendous. Having said that, the common tips for a healthy life still holds good and necessary along with the ones listed above. In the modern age where time is of utmost importance, you should try to minimize your efforts smartly and stay healthy along.

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