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A Guide To Safe House Moving During The Pandemic

As we move out of 2020 and into a new year, Australia is still seeing a sharp spike in COVID infections and while life must go on, if you are planning to move this year, there is much to consider. While many businesses have had to shut down because of Covid-19, the removals contractor is able to carry out their duties and with social distancing, you really do not need to be around when the removal team are working.

Social Distancing

If the relocation is planned properly, there is no need for you to be around when the move takes place, which is ideal and you would have a project manager assigned to you, who is the person you talk to regarding all aspects of the move. The team would be familiar with the social distancing guidelines and always wear PPE, to protect themselves and others, which is very important during the pandemic.

Checking For COVID-19 Updates

As you know, things can change very quickly with virus transmission and if you search online for Australian government COVID-19 updates, you will know if there are travel restrictions and you would have to plan your route accordingly. Check the day before the move is scheduled to ensure that travel is possible, while the removalist would also be updated about certain zones that they might have to avoid.

Comprehensive Service

Once the removal company is in possession of the inventory, they can plan the packing and will supply all of the packing materials, leaving you free to focus on the new residence for occupation. If you leave the house sometime before the removal team arrive, you can avoid human contact completely.


Things that are rarely used can be pre-packed, ready for the move and if you prefer to pack some of your personal possessions yourself, the removal contractor would supply the packing materials. It might be that you need some secure storage space and every established removal company would have warehouse space to store things until you are ready.

Interstate Removals

If you are looking for reliable Brisbane removals and storage professionals, an Internet search will bring up a list of established removal companies and you can ask several contractors to quote for the project. For other areas, the Internet can also point you to removalists that can help you with your move. Using containers is the best approach to an interstate relocation as these hardy units can be transported by air, road, rail and ship and can easily be changed from one platform to another.

Safe House Moving3

If you would like to make contact with a leading removals company, start with a Google search and that will lead you to the website of a local provider. You can communicate online and the only person you need to meet would be your project manager and social distancing rules would apply, protecting you against infection.

As you would expect, the removal team are very familiar with safe processes during the pandemic and they would do what they can to avoid contact with the client. On the day of the relocation, you should be based at the new home, ready to position the furniture as it is unloaded.

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