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Celebrate Your Silver Jubilee


A Step-by-Step Guide To Celebrate Your Silver Jubilee At Home

A Step by Step Guide to Celebrate your Silver Jubilee at Home

It is indeed a wonderful feeling for every couple, having spent 25 years of togetherness. And it is perhaps a great occasion to celebrate love. But, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the global population to spend their time indoors in isolation and avoid public gatherings, hosting a party might seem a bit difficult.

But, what if you can celebrate your parents’ 25th anniversary with family, at home? Of course, this would limit the gathering and also let you enjoy this special occasion!

Here’s our suggestion; a step-by-step guide to help you plan your parents’ 25th-anniversary silver jubilee party at home.

Step.1 Start with a theme

Start with a theme

How often is it that you get to join a theme party? Besides Halloween, probably none! But this is your chance to make the most of your time and also make your party more interesting. A simple music and dance party is too boring, and when you’re in self-isolation for days, it could be even more boring. So, make it a bit peppy with some themes.

You can choose any sort of theme, as long as it interests you and your parents. More so, the likes of your parents would be a better idea for a theme. For instance, If they like the idea of superheroes, you can choose one. Or, you can also choose to reiterate a scene from your favorite movie or anything that intrigues you and your parents alike. The idea is to indulge in some fun activities, and of course, dressing up following a theme is also a part of fun activities.

Step.2 Put up some decorations

Now, following the theme you’ve chosen, you’ll need to decorate your home. Most probably, this is something that’ll be a bit tricky. Especially now, that you cannot go to a supermarket to buy the decorations. So, you’ll have to manage with the stuff you have at your home.

Nevertheless, you can also put up some Christmas lights, and involve yourself in some DIY projects. Likewise, when you’re putting up lights, you’ll need to make sure of backups to keep them startling throughout the party. There’s a lot more info available on the internet that you can go through to keep your party going on, even if there’s a blackout. Of course, you won’t wish to celebrate your parents’ anniversary in the dark.

Step.3 Choose characters to play

Here comes the funniest part- dressing up according to the theme. Well, you can improvise, of course. For instance, you can plan a game and put up random slips with character names on them. Shuffle the slips and let everyone choose.

There’s this super amazing game for reiterating scenes and acting the characters. About the scene, it could be anything. A scene from a movie, or a book, or even the scene when your parents proposed for marriage to each other. Remembering such events and offering your parents a chance to relive their youth can surely make their celebration superb!

Step.4 Revive the ambiance with music

Co-creating a scene with ambient music improves the dialogue impact and also the expressions become more vibrant. Plus, music is also known to be the sole of every celebration from time olden. So, of course, you need music.

But, the choice is, whether you wish for pop songs or ambient instrumentals. Perhaps you can also change the mood, playing different music at different times. For instance, when you’re playing games with your parents, you can put up some instrumentals to keep the atmosphere peppy. And when you’ve all had dinner, you can play old rocks and Metallica! Let your parents lose their cool and enjoy their night with complete zest.

Step.5 What about the food?

No party is complete without food. And of course, you wouldn’t want your parents’ 25th anniversary to end up with boring food options such as porridge. Plan some amazing dishes that you usually don’t make.

There’s absolutely no harm in experimenting with new cooking ideas. Whether you have your own recipe or you wish to take a few inspirations online, the point is to make every bit of the celebration memorable.

To sum it up, this party during the pandemic period can bring fresh energy to your family. Self-containing within the walls of your home can have a toll on your, as well as, your parents’ mental health. And indulging in such activities can give the much-needed time off from routine stress. And not to forget, it’ll also be the most historic anniversary celebration in your family’s history, that you can relish for generations.

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