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Best Cities to Enjoy Bachelor Party in Europe This Summer


During the summer, Europe becomes one of the most festive places on the planet, and nightlife and festivals are reborn after the harsh winter especially in the north. Its Eastern part has become more and more attractive as the time goes on and the beautiful parties along the Mediterranean are more exciting than ever this year. So when summer arrives, consider visiting one of these cities if you want to feel an unforgettable bachelor experience.

Bucharest – Romania


Risen from the hard times with a new style and magnetizing energy. Romanian capital is the place where thousands of bachelor parties are organized at low cost and high party standards. Its no wonder that people from all around the world are flocking into this city to witness Bucharest stag do experience since the newly formed clubbing circles are one of the cheapest and most exciting in this part of Europe. Along with cheap accommodation that will be a great addition to your trip, there will also be a chance to taste magnificent national cuisine and try some of that beauty of Romanian ladies that are just too hard to resist.

Amsterdam – The Netherlands


Although in the Dutch capital is not too famous for small clubs and a low cost found in Bucharest it is still one of the party myths of the European continent. Certainly, compared to others this is a rather quiet city, full of bars and pubs. The Dutch are quite discreet and prefer to have a drink in a pub chatting before going out to dance like crazy, but still, there are many fun things to do in Amsterdam thanks to the famous coffee shops, the red light district and a large number of bars that work 24/7. Needless to say, if you are looking for an opportunity to spice your bachelor night at the best possible level, then Amsterdam is a safe bet at any time of the year.

Prague – Czech Republic


Twenty years ago it was very to enjoy all the party fruits of Prague. So many people came to this beautiful capital, which made it one of the main party destinations of the continent. Low-cost flights allow many to come just to party at the weekend and then return home before coming back again, because its the Prague, once you come here you will surely want to return once more! The beer capital of the world has some of the most provocative clubs in the EU and some of the most amazing music festivals are at your disposal every summer in the Czech capital. Once you arrive in its surrounding of architectural splendour you will realize what kind of party sensation this city becomes once the night takes over the city and the party lights start to shine. One thing is for sure, the hangover is guaranteed.

Krakow – Poland


This city was made for bachelor needs, especially if you are a devoted partygoer. All the hostels organize tours of the best bars in the city and prestigious vodka tastings. It can be said that they are specialized in getting people out on the street to have fun. Everyone who visits Krakow expects to have a good time, which creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere, as well as making it easy to find a good plan every for every night. There is a bar in almost every corner since Krakow is a place with more pubs and bars per square metre than any other city in the world! Add how cheap the drink is to the Poles who are happy to toast with anyone and you’ll have the recipe for the craziest bachelor night imaginable. And as for those charming Slavic ladies, they are open to having fun and dance with you until the earliest hours of the next day.

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