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Wedding Gift


Chinese Traditional Wedding Gift

Wedding is one of the most important times for every people. It means that you will live with your dear from then on. The happy atmosphere can move your family members and friends to a great degree. The traditional etiquette also plays an essential role in a perfect wedding and engagement ceremony.

1. Meaning and Area of Grand Gift

In reality, sending grand gifts to the family of the bride is one main traditional etiquettes before the wedding day, which is often held 2 weeks or 1 month before the wedding ceremony. More often than not, the double number of the grand gifts is required, which means a pair, happy and auspicious. The singular number shall be avoided. The family of the bridegroom needs to choose a lucky day to send the engagement gifts and the family of the bride needs to choose half of the gifts to send back to the bridegroom family. Every gift that is sent to the bride family has a specific meaning. The gift list is always diverse from a family to another and from a place to another since the custom can be various, and this traditional custom is a bit complicated in many locations in Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong, Fujian, and Southeast Asia.

2. Popular Grand Gift Hamper

Usually, fruit and wine are both necessary in the grand gifts. The dried seafood hamper and the fruit hamper are quite popular among the grand gifts. The fat choi is often included in the dried seafood hampers and other optional gifts include trepang, fermented oyster, dried shrimp, dried scallops, dried mushrooms, abalone, fish maw, squid, fin and so on. Grape, peach, persimmon, and apple are always contained in the fruit hampers.

Many people would like to save time for preparing the pre-wedding grand gifts by going to a local shop or one online shop to purchase all the necessary gifts. The hampers are always delicate and deluxe for you to choose from.

3. Reasons for Sending Grand Gift

Sending grand gifts to the bride family is a tradition that has existed for years. In fact, this custom is ceremonial, which shows the happiness and blessing of the bridegroom family. At the same time, it is a kind of respect to the bride family, for they agree to the marriage of the new couple and from then on, the bride will live with the family of the bridegroom.

After the engagement grand gifts are sent, the wedding day will be determined by the bride’s side. Many friends and relatives will be invited to the wedding ceremony to witness the marriage of the new couple and express bless to them.

site. The flowers shall be big, bright-colored, fresh and with good implied meanings. Hong Kong flower shop & gift shop is numerous, which can not only provide the wedding floriculture service and support but also offer customers with abundant grand gifts hampers. They can meet various consumption standards and aesthetic levels of customers to a great degree. This is quite interesting and you can reserve beforehand to ensure the smooth process of sending grand gifts and the wedding banquet. If you have any chance, you can observe the grand gift sending custom in the Asian-Pacific region to experience the meaning and happiness of it in person.

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