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Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant


Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant | The Best Rooftop Dining in Bangkok

Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant is the most happening rooftop-dining venue on Sukhumvit Road. It is located on the 46th floor of the Skywalk Condominium. You will find a perfect blend of the 1960s, Art Deco style, and a chance to enjoy a panoramic view of Bangkok.

The Team

Chef Ping also called the Handsome Cook online, is a trendsetter in the Bangkok dining scene. He is renowned for his Thai fusion cuisines, which all who visit the Cielo Sky Bar come to enjoy. He has won over 29 medals and has seven trophies from over 20 competitions.

Private Dining Options

Dining Options
There are various private dining options such as the Ocaso Zone. This is the crowning jewel of Cielo and is great for rooftop dining in Bangkok. It attracts many people on the weekend, who get to enjoy a 360-degree view of Bangkok. Some soft blues and jazz accompany this view plus the famous cocktails prepared at the Sky Bar. The area can sit up to 100 people for a set dinner, 120 people for a buffet, or 300 people for a cocktail pass around.

If you are big on privacy in a sky bar in Bangkok city, you can opt for the Secret zone. This is a private paradise that enables you to create a unique part where you can engage in an intimate and romantic dinner in Bangkok. It has a high ceiling and views are spectacular stretching as far as the mountainous regions to the east. The menu will certainly delight the senses. The Secret zone can sit up to 50 people for dinner, 100 people for a cocktail pass around and up to 60 people for a buffet.

The Food Selection

Food Selection
There are various dining options such as the fresh fin de Claire with Thai spicy and sour jelly, caviar, and pickled radish. Additionally, you can enjoy the deep fried shrimp dumplings and spicy sweet sauce. The chef selection includes pomelo salad with grilled tiger prawn and coconut powder or the grilled pork with sunflower sprouts, Thai spicy sauce, and pickled watermelon. You could also opt for the jasmine rice as part of the chef selection.

In general, the food is of great value. You will find an array of international dishes pus tapas bites. For those that wish to enjoy something quick with the drinks, the choice will entail sticky BBQ chicken wings, spring rolls, as well as bruschetta. The large plates entail duck confit in orange sauce plus tenderloin topped with foie gras and pumpkin, sauté potatoes, and salmon with scallop gratin in some rich lobster sauce.

Other Attractions

Other Attractions
For those who love the thrill of heights, the skywalk is a great place to visit. A unique glass skywalk gives the impression you are floating 46 floors above the ground. It gives you a rush like no other; it might be a good way for those who fear heights to embrace their phobia. Most rooftop bars in the city are synonymous with cocktails and Cielo, the best rooftop bar in Bangkok is no different.

You will find a huge selection here that includes mojito, pina colada, and mai tai. The cocktails cost about 200-250 baht. The wines and bears are also well-priced. They will cost you about 120 baht for a bottle of Singha beer. This is quite cheap compared to other Bangkok sky bars


Location: Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant are located on the 46th Floor on Sky Walk Condominium, W District, Sukhumvit 69-71 (3 minutes walk from Phra Khanong BTS station)
Tel: 02 348 9100 (15:00 – 24:00), 081 916 4270 (10:00 – 24:00)


The Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant is a charming joint that keeps everything simple, offering all the ingredients required for a great night out at a Bangkok rooftop bar. You will get an awesome perspective of the city and the river cutting through it as you sip a cocktail with the cool breeze softly kissing your face.

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