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Common Mistakes to avoid When Getting Laser Hair Removal

In a laser hair removal procedure, a laser is directed towards the root of the hair, light beams with a specific wavelength are generated, the follicle is damaged, and growth inhibited. There has been a considerable improvement in the procedure over the years and therefore many people consider it part of their crucial, and regular, beauty treatment program. The list of lasers used in this procedure is long, each has its own advantages, and only trained personnel can choose the best procedure for your type of skin.

There are some misconceptions you need to take note of as you go through the laser hair removal treatment.

Does all hair respond the same to laser removal surgery?

laser removal surgery
The content of melanin in your skin near the root of the hair determines the success or failure of the entire procedure. Thicker and darker hair responds better than lighter hair. This is because dark hair is more able to absorb laser light, making it easier to damage the hair root and stop the growth. If your hair is blonde, grey or white, this treatment won’t work for you, simply because there is negligible melanin in the hair root.

Is the procedure permanent?

Is the procedure permanent
It is erroneous to imagine that this is a permanent procedure. Some hair is quite stubborn and may not be successfully removed with the root. This means that some hair roots have been removed and cease to reproduce hair permanently. There are hairs that will reemerge over time and will require periodic treatments by a trusted Laser Hair Removal Bristol service provider. Realistically, you’d expect the growth of the hair to stop but eliminating hair from a given part of the body completely may not be possible.

Will skin damage or scarring occur?

Will skin damage or scarring occur
Sometimes, after the laser hair removal procedure, skin scarring may occur, though this is very rare. However, it is wrong for a therapist to assure you that there won’t be any side effects. The fact is that there is a minimal chance of skin damage but, sometimes this will happen, especially when proper procedure has not been carried out. Most of these cases occur when someone goes through the procedure after their skin has been tanned in a sun bed. Thus, to lower the risk of burns and irritation after the laser procedure, tanning should be avoided. During the process of pulling out the hair the skin may sometimes get damaged leading to crustiness and redness.

Is the treatment painless?

Is the treatment painless
Most people aren’t fans of pain. The first stage of a laser hair removal procedure brings about some discomfort due to the density of the hair. However, the pain reduces and disappears with time. As your hairs are being removed, you will experience a sensation of being pinched or snapped with a rubber band. This pain might be worse depending on how sensitive your skin is and how high a pain threshold you have.

Before you go for laser treatment, it is important to take note of the above tips to help you get ready for the procedure. The most important thing is to look for the best Laser Hair Removal in Bristol service provider who will give you a great experience and value for money.

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