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Impotence Is Treatable Without Drugs

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For Many Men, Impotence Is Treatable Without Drugs


Impotence, also known as Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get an erection or to keep an erection while having sexual intercourse. Impotency can be a big problem for older or younger men and can be caused due to stress, relationship problems, depression, smoking, or the use of alcohol. Even though Viagra was introduced in the 90s, Non-drug cure for impotence has been there for ages. A lot of remedies can be followed to help cure erectile dysfunction. They might not be as fast as medicines available but helps cure erectile dysfunction to a great extent. Here are 4 tips that can help in curing ed without pills.  


Exercising at Home: Workout Essentials and Tips to Stay Safe

Exercising is one of the best ways out there to cure erectile dysfunction in men. When you work out, blood flow in your body improves. Together with that, your stamina is improved as well and more testosterone in your body is made, Testosterone is an important hormone in the body that helps increase your sexual strength. Exercising increases the amount of nitric oxide in the veins, which improves blood pressure and helps in getting a firm erection for men. This is something that viagra does as well.

Better sleeping routine:

Studies have shown that Testosterone is secreted more into the body when a set sleeping schedule is followed. Testosterone is the hormone that helps in getting an erection. The amount of testosterone in the body increases with an improved and planned sleeping schedule, Better sleep also keeps the body active and helps in having more stamina. This is very important as well when trying to battle erectile dysfunction. Fixing your sleeping schedule will help you heal erectile dysfunction problems in a natural way without having to take any medicines. 

Avoid Smoking & Alcohol:

Avoid Smoking & Alcohol

Cigarettes and alcohol are said to be one of the main reasons which cause erectile dysfunction in men. Smoking cigarettes can narrow down your arteries and cause issues in blood flowing through them. You get an erection when enough blood flows to your penis. Cigarettes or other forms of non-smoke tobacco can cause vascular diseases or blood pressure issues, hence contributing to erectile dysfunction. Alcohol works in the body by relaxing our nervous system as it is a depressant. The nervous system helps in releasing chemicals and hormones that are needed to get an erection. In a relaxed state, the nervous system cannot function properly and also would not be able to excrete these hormones resulting in impotence. To avoid these issues, it is better to avoid smoking and drinking at all costs. These will help in healing erectile dysfunction naturally with time. 

Natural herbs to heal ED:

Though a lot of herbs have been said to help in healing impotence, Ginseng and pomegranate juice are said to have visible long-lasting results. Ginseng increases the amount of Nitric oxide in your body improving blood pressure. While pomegranate juice helps in curing narrowed down arteries that are a major cause in the prevention of getting a firm erection with blood not flowing into the penis fully.

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