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Heat Transfer Vinyl – Everything You Need To Know Before You Start

When you indulge in manufacturing printed fabrics, heat transfer vinyl becomes your best friend. Although you may find many other heat transferring materials as well, that can do the needful, the convenience and high-end result is given by heat transfer vinyl surpass all.

What Is Heat Transfer Vinyl

What Is Heat Transfer Vinyl

Also called as HTV, it is a special type of material that assists in transferring the design to different surfaces including fabrics. All that you need is a superior quality of iron or heat press to work upon the vinyl for transferring the design. Once the best iron on vinyl is placed, the design adheres to the surface permanently, and you achieve your result.

A heat transfer vinyl comprises two layers-

  • The vinyl layer
  • A protective clear carrier layer

Carrier layer plays a significant role in holding the vinyl intact in place. It is a little sticky to perform its function aptly. It is also helpful in getting the design print on the surface with perfection.

Varieties In HTV

HTV is accessible in the market in the form of sheets and vinyl rolls. The availability in a single color or different colors makes it easy for people to splurge as per their choice or the demand. Moreover, the presence of varieties like glitter flocked, metallic, neon and much more make them extra alluring.

Where Can You Use HTV

Generally, people believe that heat transfer vinyl is applicable only on the fabrics to make t-shirt designs. However, the fact is you may use them on any surface ranging from hats, mugs, wood, metal, glassware and much more.

The best thing about them is whether you wash HTV or tumble dry it, the product will look as fresh and new as it could be.

How Can You Transfer The Vinyl

How Can You Transfer The Vinyl

There are two major ways of transferring vinyl. These are:

  • By using a household iron on vinyl
  • By using the heat press

No matter which method you use for the purpose, the design should remain intact after 1000 sessions of washing and tumble dry. The designs which remain durable and do not fade get the highest points.

Criteria To Consider Before Splurging On Heat Transfer Vinyl

One of the most common dilemmas of people is what points to consider when buying HTV. Therefore, here we have come up with some essential tips to keep under the belt for making the best purchase.

1. How Much Quantity Will Suffice

Since HTV are available in rolls and sheets, it is important that you know the amount that will be sufficient for your needs. It is always a good idea to purchase in bulk vinyl rolls to get them at a reasonable price. However, if you need a small quantity, vinyl sheets will do the needful.

2. How Is The Quality Of The Vinyl

If you don’t want the design to crack or peel off, always go for premium grade and high-quality vinyl. An inferior quality vinyl will not only fade after few washes and tumble dry but also make your fabric or surface look pale.

3. What Colors Do You Want

Variety of colors brings variety in your designs. If you are using the same color and pattern on different surfaces, your designs will become mundane and unexciting. Therefore, instead of using only the solid colors look out for glitters, metallic colors, flocked HTV and much more.

4. Is It Easy To Weed

The most important thing to consider is to know how feasible your vinyl for weeding and transferring is. These are the most time taking procedures. Therefore pick those which are free of hassles, make your work easy and accomplish it with fewer efforts. You may consider the product which requires less heat for transferring, thin and light in weight to get the best result.

5. How You Are Applying It

As already discussed, you need to have either the best iron on vinyl or heat press for transferring aptly. A proper heat application can give a wonderful result.

6. How Compatible It Is

Before starting, you must know what type of vinyl will match the surface you are going to work on. It is not necessary that the vinyl which works wonders in the fabric will do well in metal or glassware as well. For an excellent and permanent adhering there needs to be compatibility between vinyl and surface.

Wrapping up

So now that you have got most of the information on heat transfer vinyl buckle-up and start customizing your products. It’s time to show some creativity with designs and perfection with the HTV.

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