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Cleaning in Sandstorms


House Cleaning in Sandstorms How to Deal With It


Hot air, dark brownish colour taking over the sky, heavy winds blowing dust over and into everything, all of that usually means that a sandstorm is coming.
As we know, when the wind hits a desert region, they carry with them large amounts of sand and dust, generating sandstorms all over the place. Living in hot weather all year long and the possibility of occurring a sandstorm is the norm in such regions. Here, we gathered some tips for you to deal with sand storms

Five tips to deal with any sudden sandstorm

1) Always be prepared

Always be prepared
If you have already heard of a sandstorm coming your way shortly, then it is about time to start preparations quickly and early. Make sure you have enough water for you and food just in case the storm will stay around longer than assumed which might force you into a short lockdown in your house.

2) Put a mask on your nose and mouth immediately

This is vital for those who deal with any kind of asthma or respiratory system diseases. When a sandstorm begins, the dusty and unfiltered air around you will make it hard to breathe and might hurt your throat and lungs, too.

Wear a cover or a mask or any piece of cloth over your nose and mouth to protect you from the storm, this wrap around your nose and mouth will help you breathe well and not inhale the sandy air. You also have to moisten this piece of cloth a little before you put it around your mouth.

3) Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes
Being out in the open air with no protection or cover for your eyes might hurt them to get hurt and make it harder for you to see anything or, even worse, cause them infections. Try to wear goggles or sunglasses to reduce the dust negative effect and increase your visibility and the clarity of what’s around you.

4) Stay indoors as much as you can

The best way to overcome a sandstorm is to leave it out. Stay inside until the weather conditions clear up and become better, only leave your house for emergencies. Staying inside a shelter will restrict any unexpected dangers and risks that might happen.

5) Cleaning time

Cleaning time
After the end of any sandstorm, the first thing you need to do is cleaning your house. This is particularly so for villas and homes in open areas as the possibility of sand invading the property is high. Start to clean all open areas like the windows, the doors, and AC duct with fabric cloth. Start to clean all carpets, rugs, tablecloths and all visible dust inside the house like tabletops, decorative pieces, and television sets. Remember to cover your nose with a cloth or wear a face mask before cleaning to avoid any problem in your breathing process.

Post sandstorm cleaning can be a challenging and hard task especially to those who are allergic to dust, so you may need some help from one of the cleaning companies and the handymen agencies, so you may need to call one of them to do this mission.

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