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Vintage Texas Party


How to Throw a Classic Yet Cool Vintage Texas Party


Texan culture represents a blend of old and new, and you can find modern and classic trends featured side by side at weddings. Having a vintage Texas wedding doesn’t mean everything needs to be cowboy-themed with Lone Stars at every place setting. Instead, find a balance that shows love for the culture in a beautiful, wedding-friendly way.

Rustic Decor

Subtle rustic decor is a wedding trend that remains popular. When it comes to the decor and reception setup, it’s easy to work in a vintage theme. Wooden crates, logs and more add a touch of roughness in contrast to white lace and linens.
Rustic Decor
Look to event rentals Houston and other locations for gorgeous old furniture with that unique patina only acquired through age. Cabinets, credenzas and more can hold appetizers and snack bars that show off your personal style and flair. Vintage furniture adds far more personality than standard event venue fare, so get creative and look beyond the typical to make a wedding setup worth remembering.

Accessories are perfect for extending the decor theme more noticeably. Add a cow skull, driftwood and even antlers to the tables holding guest books and other items. It’s the best place to show off statement pieces without them getting in the way.

Colour and Pattern

Colours like blush, cream and cornflower blue are perfect for adding a vintage feel to your wedding decor. For bolder colours, you can search out small items cloth napkins or napkin rings with the pattern to fit it in. Finding ways to add vintage-inspired hues throughout will unify the look of your wedding and reception area.

There are other options that honour the state, too. A simple cowhide rug adds texture and visual interest to space. It’s also a nod to ranching and cowboys, sure to delight relatives. Cowhide on furniture like chairs is another ideal way to incorporate the pattern without making it a focal point.

Place Settings

This is where you can most easily add personality and unique touch to your reception decor. Look for unique linens, whether they’re imported vintage or the kind of runner that harkens back to the midcentury decor. Older linens manage to be sturdy, yet soft to the touch.
Place Settings
There’s more opportunity to incorporate vintage in the place settings. Vintage glassware brings a kind of gravitas that can’t easily be emulated with new glasses. Thick, chunky goblets add ceremony to any drink. Sets of glassware in matching colours but different cuts and sizes will look eclectic but not mismatched, giving the ideal elegance and uniqueness.

Check out Austin party rentals for options that add beauty and recall a different time, but won’t break the bank. Archive vintage party rentals offer a curated, tasteful selection for a vintage theme, catered to a Texas wedding.

Show some of your personality by adding vintage cool to your wedding through decor, place settings and more. Renting decor can help you achieve this look without having to spend hours poring through antique stores and shelling out for items you’ll only use once. Instead, browse a selection that can set the tone for your wedding.

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