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Increase The Life Of Your Foot Wear With These Simple Tips

Having the quality of honing the art of closet optimization isn’t always an easy task. As a businessperson, you want to learn how best to preserve the quality of your wardrobe investments. That is if you intend to have your wardrobe looking its best. And like most women, many people are always shoe obsessed. By that, some people will stop at nothing to ensure that their tootsies and Custom Flip Flops get their utmost care. Safe to say that shoe health is, to some point, just as important as people take foot health to be. There isn’t any need to tip-toe around this issue if you plan on having your shoes around for a lifetime.

Taking care of your shoe investment is as easy as 123. This article aims to provide you with the top tips to ensure their longevity.

Tip 1

When caring for your shoes, it is essential that you have a good all-season leather protector. If you can apply these to your brand-new shoes before you wear them, you can seriously extend their life. All-season shoe leather protectors protect shoes from just about everything. Considering that you can use them on rain gear as well, hats, and jackets makes them the best option to go with. Plus, you can use the all-season leather protectors on ‘Dry Clean Only’ products as well which makes them the best investment for your shoes.

Tip 2

It’s very easy to have boots as your worst enemy when looking to keep your closet tidy and clean. Luckily, you can now try using a simple boot tree to help preserve the shape of your boots. Also, to prevent the boots from sagging and cracking. A good boot tree will help keep your boot collection organized.

Tip 3

Another common rule when it comes to preserving the integrity of your shoes is not to wear them all the time. You want to give your shoes a rest from time to time. It’s a common feeling to want to have your feet in new pairs of shoes at all times. Perhaps even sleep in them. However, giving them even a day’s rest can help them a great deal. Give them time to dry out from your feet’s natural perspiration. This helps to keep your shoes happy and good-looking for a lot longer.

Tip 4

Another vital tip of keeping shoes in tip-top shape is to let them dry out themselves, especially in soggy climates. In most instances, you find that when shoes get wet, especially the leather shoes, people always want to help in their drying processes. It is best that you let your wet shoes dry out at the room temperature and at their own pace. For leather shoes, setting them near fireplaces or heaters to dry them may actually cook them. As a result, they may become brittle and stiff and look nothing good.

Tip 5

Next, you want to have cedar shoe trees as well. To most shoe lovers, this is the one tool that ranks at the top of shoe care arsenals. They have been known to extend the life of shoes for up to three times. Cedar shoe trees work to provoke shoe’s natural structural memory and also prevent leather from cracking and wrinkling. However, perhaps the best part of cedar shoe trees is that they also absorb moisture which prevents you from having smelly shoes.

Tip 6

To ensure that you have your shoes last for a lot longer, especially the leather shoes, you also want to moisturize them every once in a while. Moisturizing your shoes help to replenish their natural oils and also clear away any dirt that may have stuck on them. You can make a night for moisturizing your shoes. Simply bundle them together and get to it. At the day’s end, you will feel way more accomplished compared to zoning out in front of the television. Give your shoes love and affection, and they will return the favor.

Tip 7

Ensure you get the right color shoe polish for your shoes is also another important factor to consider. Atop this, you also need to buff your shoes out using a soft cloth and see the results for yourself. If anything, you will be pleased with yourself when you look at your shoes that look new again. Skip going to the shoeshine stand from henceforth; you got this.

Tip 8

For nubuck or suede footwear, you need to have a good suede brush and bar. You want to use the dry-cleaning bar first to renew stains and dirt. Suede brush and bars are designed to help clean and renew your shoes’ textures. You can also use the brush to remove water spots and revive its nap.

Tip 9

If you have patent leather shoes, then you might want to use lukewarm water and plain soap to clean them. Afterward, you can shine them dry using a soft, smooth cloth and have them looking as good as new. That makes these types of shoes a lot easier to care for.

Tip 10

It’s always wise to save the best for last at times. To mean a healthy shoe needs to have a healthy foot. By this, you need to try foot gloss, a luxurious little balm which helps prevent blistering and chafing especially for the shoes that rub your feet wrongly. You may want to have good foot gloss for your feet if you are an athlete, dancer, or runner. This is the one decision you will appreciate having made especially when it comes to new shoes.

Final thoughts

Having and caring for your shoes is a simple job. One that if you dedicate your time to, can be quite beneficial for you and have your shoes looking like brand new for a lot longer. Shoes are an essential part of our wardrobes. They also help define who we are similar to how other people can judge your character from the rest of your clothing. Overall, shoes are an expensive investment, especially for most women. And that should be all the reason you need to ensure you care for your shoes and have them last forever.

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