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Moving Your Belongings Abroad Using International Shipping


The decision has been made. You and your family will be moving abroad for new and exciting opportunities. Moving house is never fun but moving house to another country is a whole different level! Moving to another country creates the need for a labyrinth long list of tasks to be checked off before you get on the plane to the new place you will be calling home. One of the top items on that endless list is how to deliver your belongings to the new country. Whether household items, personal effects or larger items, you are strongly recommended to research a moving company that uses expert packing materials, door to door service and who prioritise moving your personal belongings as utmost important. Moving to a new country is a huge undertaking, thus to make your move overseas with minimal hiccups, you’ll need to get assistance from trusted expert removal companies.

If you’ve never relocated internationally before, then it can be confusing deciding international mover to entrust with getting your most important belongings overseas at a time when you’re also trying to organise everything else for the move too.

Moving Your Belongings Abroad

Two types of international moves: Door-to-door or door-to-port

There are two main shipping options to choose from for your international move, depending on whether the pick-up and delivery of your items are to be carried out at a residential address, a warehouse, or a port.

Door-to-door international moves

A door-to-door international move is a pick-up and delivery of your personal goods from your old home to the doorsteps of your new home. This is the most convenient and fastest and usually costs more than a door-to-port.

Door-to-port international moves

Door-to-port international moving services end when your belongings arrive at the port of destination. At the port, your agent at the destination will need to pay the necessary taxes and duties and provide the documents required for customs clearance. Once that’s completed, your personal items may be collected at the port.

Choosing the best international move

As you embark on a new life abroad, there will be many major decisions to make as regards shipping your belongings to the new country. The first such important decisions include whether to choose:

  • Air or ocean freight
    Full (FCL) or partial (LCL) container
    20-foot, 40-foot or a high cube container
    Door-to-door or door-to-port

Door to port

There are thousands of international movers out there offering different types of services at different prices for moving items overseas and it can be overwhelming to find the option that best suits you. At Shiply, there is a vast range of licensed and insured movers ready to give you personalized quotes, often up to 75% cheaper than usual rates when certain conditions are met, but to get the cheapest and most accurate quotes you first need to provide them with a few details about the move via a simple online form.

The international moving process is daunting and complex and the last thing you need is to have something go awry. Tiny glitches can easily snowball into something considerably bigger, which may increase your international moving costs. If you have a detailed checklist, stay focused and organized, start your packing early, do your homework with country regulations and research the different moving company options, your move to the new country will be met with minimal stumbling blocks.

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