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Stride Into The Successful Online T-shirt Business



The best way to grow a business empire without investing a lot of money or space for inventory is by starting an online business. With a shoestring budget, you can be the toppermost of the poppermost if you have the right skills of online marketing. With the people “going mobile,” online eCommerce sites are generating a good amount of passive/semi-passive income.

And when it is about the staples in casual wear: T-shirts, the business can do wonders. T-shirts are a part of a large spectrum of pairs starting from pyjamas-t-shirt to office attires. The online market of the same business is growing($225 billion in US apparel) and is here to stay.

Let’s start the content crux with a story of the late 1980s. Brothers, Bert and John Jacob who drive up and down the east coast for selling t-shirts to college students. But, their efforts went in vain. One day on the drive back, they thought of shifting back to the real jobs and had a discussion over how media focuses on negative stories. The discussion struck an idea and a $100 million business “jake: Life is good” was born.

There are many such success stories about the online business which will leave you awe-struck, but JoSa imaging brings to you the tips which will be helpful to you in starting your online t-shirt business. These the just the ways by which you can make your $24 business to $350.

Define your Niche for Online T-shirt Business:

The t-shirt business has a lot of competitors, and it is quintessential for a new business startup to define a niche. Know the unique way in which you will design the t-shirt and amuse the audience. This uniqueness can be in terms of brand products or brand image, which will help you to stand out from the crowd.

This procedure may involve in-depth research and understanding of the field. But we advise you, do some brainstorming. Any idea that you think will impress the target audience should be noted down.

Design your Own t-shirt:


People nowadays are more attracted to creative and original ideas of design. So while taking a step forward in the business, draw off some amazing t-shirt designs which will catch the eyes of many. Think outside the box and pen down the ideas. If you are not a designer, you can take help from an expert.

Make your Business Local:

Specific locations across the world, require a business license. When you have made up your mind to start an online business, register it officially; otherwise, it can be your headache for the later parts. Also, decide if you are doing a solo proprietorship, partnership, or an LLP. The registration process might take a few days hence choose it in advance.

Open a Bank Account:

To keep a good record of your business earnings, it is advisable to open up a business account where you can have a list of your various expenses. This will also help you in the procedure of your annual tax filling. Also, once you have the track record of your earnings, you can have an accurate look at your financial performance of the business.

Get Approval of your T-shirt Design:

Once you have collected some unique designs, you should start taking suggestions from the people. This way, you will do the validation of your designs and know which particular idea is gaining popularity. If any of your design needs improvement, you can make the corrections and give them for printing.

An important thing to note here is, the feedback you receive should be unbiased. Make sure if you are seeking online feedback, watermark your designs, so nobody copies them. You can also take help from Singapore tshirt printing service for better suggestions.

You can also gauge your t-shirt design success on online platforms like Reddit. Using this, you can expect honest feedback from people.

Sourcing your T-shirt:

When you are done with the finalization process of the design, lookout from which source you want to purchase the t-shirt from. A high-quality T-shirt provider would be the best option for your business. You need to hold up to the expectation and maintain the reputation of the business. So, go for the superior quality of products.

While going for superior quality, do not cross your budget. By selling the best products, your business is bound to grow. If any lousy experience happens to the clients, you will observe a dramatic decrease in the selling of your products. Hence, you need to be the best of all your services.

Get your Designs Printed:

Stride Into The Successful Online T-shirt Business

For being an outstanding performer, perfect printing is a must. On the finalization of the design, pick up the printing service provider. A cracked or a faded print won’t do good for your business. We are sure you do not want to leave a bad impression of your business during the purchase procedure.

Pickup a Business Model:

Know which type of shipping service are you going to provide to your business. You can go from the dropshipping method, which is cost-effective, simple, and easy to run anywhere across the world. Below mentioned are the ways in which you can plan your dropshipping structure.

  1. Know your market:

Before going online, know the target audience. This will help you to focus on the niche you have defined, and you will be able to target the bull’s eye.

  1. Design the t-shirt:

Since it is difficult to convince people to buy your products, you need to be extra cautious while going for dropshipping. Take help from experts available online to ensure that whatever you ship is of high quality.

  1. Choose a quality dropship supplier:

It is quite a challenging task to select a high-quality supplier while dropshipping. To avoid any snafus, you can take samples from the supplier.

Decide on the Price:

While deciding the selling price of your designed t-shirt, make sure you have a good profit on hand. No.. no.. this doesn’t mean that you steal somebody else’s pocket. But since you are a startup, you should also cover your profit amount in the price. Also, the manufacturing cost, printing, designing, and shipping should be included in the price amount.

Bottomline of the Content:

Now that you have an outline of how you want your online t-shirt business to grow to consider the question, “why you want to have an online t-shirt business?”. Being an owner of the new business, you would be the best person to answer this question. If you are satisfied with your answer, congratulations on starting up the new business.


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