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The Advantages of a Garden Log Cabin


If looking to create extra space in the garden, a log cabin might be just the perfect addition. One thing about log cabins is that they are incredibly durable and versatile too. The log cabin will not only give you the much-needed extra space that can be used as an entertainment spot, home office, workshop, or just a space for yoga.

Here are five benefits of a garden log cabin.

1. Suits All Lifestyles

Suits All Lifestyles
Unlike other garden buildings, a log cabin can be created however you like for the desired purpose. For instance, you can create a home-studio or office from the log cabin. This is to say; everything is possible depending on the cabin design. Take a look at the Quickgarden website for inspiration.

Many of the log cabins in our collection have multiple rooms that can be used for several purposes. You can dedicate the main room as the home office/studio, then use the other for relaxation purposes. Each use will, of course, require a unique feature. If looking to use the log cabin as a hobby den, gym, or party room, you’ll then have to invest in a heavy-duty floor. This shouldn’t be an issue as log cabins come with several upgradable options and especially for the floor, log thickness and the roof. The fact that you can install your custom-floor and roofing making log cabins a better pick compared to other garden structures.

2. Energy Efficiency

Wood is naturally a bad conductor of heat, hence an excellent insulator. Timber is the primary raw material for log cabins. For this reason, your cabin will always remain cool during summer and warmer in summer. Any installed HVAC system won’t strain to keep the room/cabin comfortable enough regardless of the weather outside. The increased energy efficiency, therefore, means lower energy bills at the end of the day.

The increased energy efficiency means a ‘happier wallet’ too. Depending on your location, uses, and preferences, you can choose the various log thicknesses to suit your needs. The log thickness goes up to 70mm worth of thickness. This provides the perfect insulation and weatherproofing you need. The cabin is therefore usable all year round.

3. It’s Safe For The Environment

It’s Safe For The Environment
The natural materials used to make a log cabin (especially timber) are good for the environment. The materials are not only natural but can be re-used for dozens of other purposes. This makes it a healthier option than non-biodegradable materials. In addition to using natural materials to create the cabin, your carbon footprint is significantly reduced. This is because the cabin is energy-efficient on its own, hence lower energy consumption and bills. As long as you can keep the cabin treated, you can then be assured it will last for years without requiring a replacement. The cabin is also a cost-effective investment too.

4. Can Withstand All Types Of Weather

The sturdy construction and build of log cabins make them reliable even in the toughest of weather. The cabin materials interlock perfectly thus creating a tight space inside. Whether looking to use the cabin during summer, or winter, you can be assured of comfort regardless of the weather.

Log cabins, unlike summerhouses, can be used in both warm and cold weather. A log cabin will remain warmer during the coldest of weather and cool enough under the harsh summer sun. The natural weatherproofing makes all this possible thus increasing the structure’s lifespan.

5. A Wide Number Of Designs To Choose From

A Wide Number Of Designs To Choose From
Log cabins don’t come in one standard size or design. There are dozens of designs and sizes to choose from. Whether looking for a modern-designed cabin or just a simple traditional one, you can have it designed with Georgian windows as well. The cabin can come with modern windows and a pent design to create a modern look and feel. You also get to choose between the various sizes based on your garden size.

Those with smaller gardens can enjoy the comfort and convenience of a log cabin as well. You can have the cabin designed with additional lean-to features or as a general storage shed. The space created can be used for various purposes including to relax and wind.

From the 5 advantages of a garden log cabin outlined above, it is evident that these are a worthy investment for anyone looking for additional space in the garden. Be sure to look out for stylish and well-built log cabins when shopping for one. The cabin can be used for work, entertainment, or a space to unwind.

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