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The Advantages of Heavy-Duty Sewing Machines


The Advantages of Heavy-Duty Sewing Machines

Let’s get something straight, not everyone who loves sewing has or needs a heavy duty sewing machine. But owning a heavy duty sewing machine will surely benefit you. It has its own perks. The best quality heavy duty machines are made for professional and use and have features which are of industrial standard.

The Advantages of Heavy-Duty Sewing Machines


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If you run a clothing company or design clothes for your family on a daily basis or perhaps sell them online, then you should most definitely consider buying a heavy duty sewing machine because clearly, you won’t be able to run a company by using a standard sewing machine.

This is also a great option for people who are looking for a longtime investment, they have nothing to worry about as these machines are very durable. Unlike the usual sewing machine, a heavy duty sewing machine needs less maintenance over time and it can withstand damages a lot better.

But if you are a normal person who likes sewing then this machine is probably the last thing that you would want to purchase. This is why you need to carefully select which type of heavy duty machine you want. If you do buy this machine then make sure that you have ample working space. Now let’s talk about the advantages of owning such a machine.

Perks of a heavy duty sewing machine:

Heavy duty machines are designed to give you a suitable working environment. This means that you won’t have to worry about missing a few stitches here and there.

And this also means that the parts of the machine will be made of brass and other tough materials as opposed to the standard sewing machine which is composed of plastic. All the materials are of industrial grade strength. They also offer a faster and overall better sewing experience.

Almost all the machines are capable of quickly powering through multiple layers of material which makes blanket, quilting, and sewing custom purses a very real possibility. The best heavy duty sewing machines can also sew anything at any given time.

They have a very powerful engine which is why they are able to carry out heavy tasks with ease. Although these are heavy duty machines, some of them are not that heavy. The best part about owning this machine is that it’s a great investment and it won’t disappoint you when it comes to getting the job done at a quick pace.

Types of heavy duty machines:

Like every other sewing machine, heavy duty machines also have a lot of variants. The manual and the computerized ones are considered to be the best. People generally go for the manual one but the computerized one is also pretty amazing.

It has many amazing features that are absent on the manual one. These features improve the performance of the machine a lot. And they might look fragile when compared to the manual one, but in actuality, they are just as sturdy and efficient as the manual machines.

These machines will give you great results with every single stitch and some of them even have up to 600 unique stitches. You just have to do is press the buttons and leave the rest to the machine. The serger machine is probably the best choice for you in this class.

This machine has a standard format of 2/3/4 which means you can make strong seems that will support your clothing or other items which require long time care. You will have a sturdy machine which will last for many years and also materials created by this machine which will last for a very long time.

These machines are 25% pricier than the standard sewing machines because of the industrial grade parts and although this is more expensive than the normal one, its worth the price.

Maintenance of a heavy duty sewing machine:

Experts say that the majority of problems stem from their lack of maintenance. A lot of problems are caused if you let dust, lint, and thread bits accumulate on the working parts of the machine.

You have to make sure that your machine is dust and lint free in order to ensure a smooth sewing experience. It is recommended that you clean your machine after the completion of your task and though this machine doesn’t require frequent cleaning it is better to be on the safe side than to regret later.

You can also clean your machine by using compressed air which will remove that stubborn dust particle or piece of thread that has been stuck inside the machine. A lint brush is recommended to clean up the accumulated lint. Oiling the parts help a lot, it improves the performance of the machine and gives it a longer life.

Operating a heavy duty sewing machine:

Some people think that operating this machine could be a little problematic but it’s actually very easy. These machines have a foot paddle which is used to control the pressure. All you have to do is press and release the paddle depending upon your project.

It can easily sew lightweight and heavyweight clothing. Sometimes dials are provided for needle position, stitch length and width and all you have to do is rotate them to get the perfect sew. You really do not have to worry about using this machine.

The features that are present on this machine makes it very easy to use. It comes with an instruction manual which will guide you through the basics and you can always look for answers on the internet. But if you are still having trouble then I would recommend learning from a person who already owns one of these.

So if you are going to buy a heavy duty machine then go for it. You won’t be upset after you get this machine. This is surely going to be one of the best investments that you make.


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