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The Dos and Don’ts of Buying RO Water Purifiers

It is important to drink clean water to lead a healthy life. While it is your responsibility to realize the importance of drinking adequate water, a water purifier can help you with getting access to clean drinking water. The type of purifier you install depends on the quality of water being supplied. Once you have done the necessary water tests and decided that an RO water purifier would be the best option, you should keep the following in mind before buying. These do’s and don’ts will be able to guide you through making a wise choice:


While buying a RO purifier, ensure that you keep the following points in mind:

  • Choose a Filter with Appropriate Capacity

    Choose a Filter with Appropriate Capacity

Choose the output rate depending on your family’s daily consumption. For high consumption, you will need a high power, high output model.

  • Consider the Power Supply

If you live in an area with frequent power cuts, you need to do one of the following: The first option is you need to have an alternative system for filtration, which can work without electricity. The second option is to buy an RO purifier with high storage capacity to meet the water requirements during power cuts.

  • Know Your Budget

    Know Your Budget

There are various RO purifier models available in the market. Before buying a water purifier, make sure you set a reasonable budget. Options for a good quality RO purifier are available in the budget range of around INR 16K

  • Consider the Maintenance Cost in Your Expense

The maintenance cost is a large component of the expense involved in installing a water purifier. Though a good quality purifier will also require regular maintenance, a low-quality one will increase the expense manifold.


  • Do Not Choose Price over Quality

    Do Not Choose Price over Quality

Considering the price factor alone while buying a RO purifier is a wrong decision. This will affect you in the long run as your maintenance bills are likely to run high if the quality is low.

  • Do Not Buy a RO Purifier If the TDS Value of Water Is Below 300 PPM

    RO Purifier If the TDS Value of Water Is Below 300 PPM

Buying an RO purifier if the TDS level of the water you receive at home is already below 300 PPM is not a wise decision. RO purification will further reduce the TDS to an unhealthy low, which is not of any benefit to you. So, opt for an appropriate purification technology.

  • Do Not Buy a Non-Certified Product

    Non-Certified Product

There are many water purifier brands available in the market. Choosing a non-certified product would mean going for a product that has not gone through any quality checks. It would also not be able to provide you with any guarantee or warranty.

  • Don’t Choose aRO Purifier That Does Not Offer a Complete Solution

    Don’t Choose aRO Purifier That Does Not Offer a Complete Solution

You will need a combination of purification technologies for comprehensive purification of water. Choose the relevant combination RO purification along with UV or UF water purification for the best results.

If you take the above points into consideration, you will be able to find the perfect purification system for your home and give yourself and your family a healthy life.

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