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Sending Flowers


The Etiquette for Sending Flowers


When it’s appropriate to send flowers?

When you walk on the street and notice someone holding a flower bouquet you imagine they’re heading to a romantic date or they come back from one. Because most of the times people send flowers as romantic statements, you think there’s no other appropriate occasion to send flowers to someone. Well, you can send flowers for many reasons, from making a romantic statement to wishing someone a happy birthday, and congratulating someone for having a baby.

However, every situation has its own etiquette and you need to ensure you don’t send the wrong message or offend someone with your gift. The following tips should help you know when to send flowers, what flowers to pick and if to add a note to the bouquet.

You can send sympathy flowers

You can send sympathy flowers
You can send flowers when you want to commemorate someone you knew and loved. It’s a difficult moment for the one who receives them, so you need to be thoughtful in your approach to ensure you don’t hurt someone’s feelings.

Sympathy flowers are usually sent to the funeral home to be displayed during the memorial service, so you must employ the proper etiquette. Before picking the bouquet to check the plans for the services because sending flowers at the mourning family’s home isn’t a smart choice. They are already overwhelmed with the situation so they don’t want tons of flower to lay around the house stopping them from moving around. Sending bouquets to the funeral home is a better choice. And don’t forget to check if their religion implies displaying flowers during memorial services.

If flowers aren’t against the dictates of their faith, you can start considering the blooms. When you send sympathy flowers you want to celebrate the life of the one who passed away, so go with something graceful. Lilies are a great choice. If you want something traditional, pick a white flower bouquet.

You can send flowers to wish someone to get well soon

The best way to cheer someone’s day up when they’re sick is to send them a flower bouquet and a pack of goodies. Simple gifts can brighten their days. When they spend most of their time in a hospital room or when they cannot leave their house, a joyful bouquet can comfort them.

Ensure your friend doesn’t have allergies or risk of infections because flowers can worsen their state. And don’t forget to check the hospital’s policy because some institutions don’t permit the display of flowers.

The best choice is to wait until your friend gets at home and send them a bouquet of the flowers they like. This time isn’t about what tradition states, it’s about the flowers they prefer and would like to receive. If you have no idea what they prefer ask the florist to mix different blossoms to create a cheerful arrangement.

You can send romantic flowers

You can send romantic flowers
You don’t need a special occasion to send romantic flowers, they are the perfect way to tell someone that you love them. Classic rose bouquets are the perfect way of expressing your feelings. But if you know they like more other blooms choose their favourites. This way you prove them you pay attention to their preferences, especially if they like some rare blossoms and you make the effort to finding them.

When you send romantic flowers to ensure they receive them in a private location. Imagine someone receiving flowers daily at their office, they will become the subject of unwanted attention and gossip. You can send them flowers to their office as long as you ensure they are ok with it.

For married couples or couples who have a long-time relationship, it’s less problematic to send flowers in a public place.

You can send flowers for a birthday or during the holiday season

If you want to send flowers for a birthday, the birth of a baby or another similar event, consider some factors. It’s important to determine what message you want to send. For example, if you want to congratulate a co-worker for welcoming a baby, you don’t send them red roses, white peonies would be a better choice. And as stated above, it’s always advisable to send them to a private location, not to their hospital room or workplace.

When you send flowers for an event, pick blooms thematically appropriate. For a birthday, send a box of flowers in their favourite colours or a multi-coloured assortment of blossoms. For a new baby, you can send a teddy bear made from flowers in pink or blue. To ensure you don’t offend someone, pick gender-neutral colours like orange, yellow or green.

When you lack the inspiration to ask the florist for recommendations because they create arrangements daily, so they’ll help you pick something appropriate.

You can send flowers to congratulate someone for their promotion

You can send flowers to congratulate someone for their promotion
You can send flowers to your co-workers to congratulate them on a promotion or just to saying thank you for the effort they put into a project. But, it’s difficult to choose something when you don’t know the flower-sending etiquette. You need to be cautious not to send the wrong message because a gesture like this can easily be misinterpreted. The worst-case scenario would be the receiver to think the flowers are evidence of a romantic interest. Some people go a step further and consider a simple bouquet a sign of harassment. So, it would be wise to send a fruit basket when you want to avoid confusion. No one will think a basket full of cherries, pomelo, and pineapple is a sign of romantic interest.

Extra tips:

It’s recommended to always send a card with the bouquet. A small note will make the gift more special and will tell the receiver the reason why you sent them the blooms. Take your time to write a nice, personal line. Avoid cliché phrases and check for grammar because you want to make a good impression. Double-check the name, address, and phone number before sending the flower arrangement. The last thing you want is a stranger to receive a box with a hundred roses you bought for your wife.


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