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Caring for Long Hair2

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Top Guidelines of Caring for Long Hair


Hair comprises one of the most important aspects of beauty, especially for ladies. The blessing of long hair can, therefore, require more than the occasional insight seeking sprees by visiting the for styling solutions from the best style-writers. So what can help care for your long luscious locks or hair? What will make your hair healthy and strong?

Guidelines for Caring for Long Hair
  • Use the correct hairbrush. A wet or boar bristle hairbrush has to become your best friend, especially when donning long hair. The brush will assist in smoothing your hair shafts and reduce any breakages.  Further, such a brush can also reduce friction while brushing compared to other types of hairbrushes. You will protect your hair from using such hair brushes because it won’t get caught in knots and lead to breakages or loss of hair.
  • Employ the use of effective hydrating treatment, at least two times every week. It can prove useful to consider using hydrating treatment oils in replenishing your hair moisture, especially when styling using heat. Such treatments can include oils such as avocado and olive oil, which prove rich in vitamin E.  

Caring for Long Hair

  • Use an effective heat protectant. Many people forget using effective heat protection or any for that matter, despite comprehending the obvious benefits. But a good heat protectant can prove the difference by wrapping your hair shafts and protecting through the creation of the protective barrier. As a result, you can end up with sleek, frizz-free, and damage-free hair.
  • Use gentle hair-bands that avoid pulling at your hair root. Consider using the plastic coil or scrunchies in fastening your hair together, as they avoid pulling at your roots (hair). It will ensure a looseness that will not strain your hair, thereby keeping your hair strands resilient and long. 
  • Use an old or used t-shirt or hair wrap to dry your hair and not a towel. It can seem simplistic, though highly effective. The smooth linen or cotton fabric can prove useful in keeping the integrity of hair from fraying while drying it from excess moisture. As a result, your hair strands will look sleeker and healthier.    
  • Set your hairdryer on low heat with the nozzle facing down when drying your hair. Overheating your hair can prove catastrophic, and you, therefore, need to take precautions when blow-drying. It can prove healthy and safe to keep the dryer far from your head to prevent damaged or dry hair.   
  • Avoid over washing your hair. The ideal frequency of washing your hair has to prove two or three times every week. Frequent shampooing will strip your hair of its natural oils designed to protect and condition the tresses. It will then lead to a sequence of overproduction, which can prove vicious. You can consider investing in a regular dry shampoo in keeping your hair tidy till the next full wash. 

Caring for Long Hair1

  • Properly wash the hair. Most healthy, shiny, and beautiful long hair begins with how you clean it. You should clean yours appropriately by shampooing the scalp to remove the oil build-up and not the hair ends. Additionally, massage the shampoo onto the scalp in a gentle manner using your fingers and not nails. It can also prove useful to increase the blood circulation by gently massaging your head. Such a massage will detoxify your scalp and ensure your long hair remains healthy. You can then use a conditioner to restore your hair moisture by applying it along the hairs’ length. Further, you have to avoid blasting hot water through your scalp as it dries your hair and ensures tangles. It can then lead to hair breakage which proves uncool.


You can have long and beautiful hair, provided you care for it accordingly. If you had a problem with your long hair, try and consider the guidelines provided to care effectively for your hair. It will ensure a healthy scalp, sleek hair shafts, and long hair.

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