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WPC Deck Tiles

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Deck Tiles as True Alternative to Wood

When it’s about outdoor flooring, composite decking (WPC) is the thing of gaining more attention of the users. While you may easily fall for fashion the way it is advertised by salespeople without even a base of technical knowledge. You may believe them if they sell wpc deck tiles or other relevant products with the tagline – “zero maintenance, long lasting, the easy installation” and similar words. However, all these claims need further analysis. For more information and tips about the home improvement check out


What is WPC deck tile?

A standard WPC composite deck tile is made of recycled polymer like HDPE or PE, which are equivalent to recycled plastic bottles, bags, etc. You may think that this product is making a potentially effective green approach, but wait; you should know that these polymers cannot be recycled an infinite number of times. So if you get any tile made of WPC, don’t compare it with PVC tiles as these are more valuable and can be recycled.

Composite decking WPC is made from wood fibre and plastic. Manufacturers produce their batches of plank that need less maintenance as compared to original wood decking. WPC deck tiles are long lasting when you compare them with wooden tiles because these are weatherproof, waterproof, and 100% eco-friendly.

People abroad are choosing more WPC decking instead of the original wood. Composite material products manufacturers are making different ranges like decking, fences, and wall panels for multiple clients and users. The ideal design of decking may involve several aspects. If you are considering applying WPC deck tiles, you must learn the pros and cons of composite decking, shared below-

Benefits of using WPC decking

  • Durable – WPC deck tiles and other decking products are perfect for outdoor usage as these are made of durable composites. The products made of WPC composites can withstand various climatic conditions and can deliver long term performance with minimum maintenance.
  • Won’t split or rot – Original wood is prone to mould or rot if comes in contact of water. This doesn’t happen in the case of WPC decking since it can resist warping and rot caused by the damp environment.
  • Minimum maintenance – WPC decking can be wiped and cleaned. You really don’t have to use dye or sanding to make them shine. Just water and soap mix are enough to scrub off the dirt.
  • Multiple colour ranges – You can get WPC decking in multiple colour options. Some manufacturers are also providing customized colours to their clients.

Disadvantages of using WPC decking –

After learning a list of benefits of WPC decking, you may think of how these products can be disadvantageous. There is always a flip side and we will discuss the cons now-

  • Initial costing is high – As compared to wood, WPC decking purchase cost is high, however, you can save on maintenance costs later.
  • Artificial wood – As you know, WPC decking is not a pure wood product. It is rather made of wood fibres and plastics to give a wood grain effect.
  • Still require maintenance – WPC is not maintenance free product. It requires some maintenance to give long-term performance.
  • Heavier in weight – When you pick wooden decking, you find it lighter as compared to WPC decking.

If you have a good budget and want to renovate your home area with luxurious appeal, opt for WPC deck tiles.


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